Difference between Leadership and Management

There is a huge difference between leadership and management.  Those two are often confused.  They are not interchangeable words or actions.  Often when we run companies, we put people in management positions and give them KPI’s and metrics based on task management.  But we never spend time with them to develop vision or mission around their role – we never answer the question as to why what they do matters.  And thus the frustration begins.

Dr. Larry Little put it this way: “Leading yourself is simply a choice”.  He gave us five key areas we need to be sure we are leading ourselves, and our company well:

1.  Respect
2.  Connection
3.  Authenticity
4.  Conflict
5.  Trust

These are core to the creation of culture, which is one of the most important responsibilities that a company owner/founder has to take care of.  If the owner doesn’t guard culture – no one will.

We need to surround ourselves with winners – to identify, recruit, hire, onboard, train, manage, compensate, encourage, support and retire people well.

That is job one for a leader.  To find those who they can train to take their place.  People who are equally as good, or even better than they are.

Over and over we heard examples and stories of what happens when leaders compromise in this area of people.  It NEVER ends well.  Are you developing yourself as a leader of leaders?  Do you have a personal leadership growth plan?

It is time to get serious about leading.  And that starts with the person in the mirror.  Today is the day to begin!

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