It’s all about the numbers…

It really is all about the numbers.   Metrics, KPI’s  call them what you like, it’s all about numbers.

Only a month ago, I couldn’t have given 2 hoots (a technical measurement) about my Twitter account (@AshMcGrath)  and the number of tweets and followers.  That though has changed, and as I write this, I’m hovering at 496 tweets.  Only 4 off what I see as my first real milestone – 500 tweets.

It’s easy to get to 50 and 100.  Heck, I could get to 50 tweets just testing my implementation of LifeStream and posting from other apps to Twitter (remember: @AshMcGrath).  So the number 500, seems significant.  That is, until I get to 502.  Them it is a disappointment that I’m not closer to the seeming impossible value of 1,000.  Roll on 1,000!

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