Time for a change

A few weeks back I started to look at what I was eating, and thought I could do better.  Deep fried food a few days a week for lunch, carbs (Pasta & Potato) for dinner most nights & nothing green anywhere.

So my food challenge began!

No more deep fried anything & Add Salad.  It was a bit new to me, I’m more of a Steak and Chips for any occasion type of guy.  Now it’s a grilled chicken breast with salad.  (no chips anywhere!).   That’s been going well, and I’m getting used to it, dare I say even enjoying it

So I thought…. What’s the next step?   I don’t want to go super crazy and only eat lentil and tofu, faux-facon bacon type of stuff.

Excercise!!!!  Started with a 30 min walk in the morning before work.  (only started this on Wednesday)  Means a super early alarm set, but seems to be worth it so far.  Only after two days, I’m already looking forward to going for my walk the next day (Strange..I KNOW!).

Now I want to know what else I can do.  I have never set foot in a Gym (actually, I lie:  I’m a software installer, and I have installed software into a gym complex) .  I have never set foot in a gym, intending to use the gym facilities.  I have no idea what to do, how to use the things, and what the proper gym etiquette for anything inside those walls?  How do you even pick a gym?

Or what about those ‘BootCamp’ style things. Never been my style.  There is one that operates near where I live, I used to laugh at them as I drove past to get Maccas.

Anyone with suggestions on how to ease myself into this fitness thing?

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