What the blog?

Well, this is all a bit new.

I’ve been a ‘nerd’ for a long time, but never really nerdy with anything that was popular or trendy.  Just as .NET was becoming the norm, here I was learning pascal & delphi.  I assume the same now of having a blog.  Now that I am blogging, it will very quickly start to fade away into the shadows as something that is old-hat.  (do people still say old hat?).

What better way to start this blog than curled up on the lounge, with some chocolate and the Tele on. Wife’s gone out, Mr10 at a school disco.  Miss7 and Master3 are watching a movie.

Mid-Blog Urgent interruption:  a ‘chuggy’ is not a useful gift for my mother.  Thank-you for the crappy advice channel 10 and 7pm Project.

For now, checkout my LifeStream to see where I’m at, and what I may be thinking.

That is all.

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